Science of Learning in Adolescence

Science of Learning in Adolescence

Science of Learning in Adolescence: Integrating Developmental Studies in Animals and Humans  

This collaborative network funded by the National Science Foundation brings together researchers from across UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco to advance scientific understanding of developmental changes in learning processes that occur during adolescent maturation. Integrating animal and human developmental studies on learning, the network members will work together to develop new methods, tasks, and analyses that better isolate specific aspects of cognitive, social, and affective learning that change across transition from childhood into adolescence. The long-term goals are to help transform the adolescent “window of vulnerability” (when so many youth become bored and disengaged from school) into a “window of opportunity” (a natural period of curiosity, exploration, and unique learning opportunities). The core leadership team for this project is Ron Dahl, Linda Wilbrecht, and Anne Collins at UC Berkeley. Additional collaborators include Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley), Adriana Galván (UCLA), and Jennifer Pfeifer (University of Oregon). This network also synergizes with the Science of Learning Network led by Adam Gazzeley and Melina Uncaphor at UCSF; both networks are  supported by the National Science Foundation’s Science of Learning Collaborative Networks Program.