What We Do

What We Do

Our mission is to improve adolescent health, education, and well-being through developmental science.

We do this by building bridges between research, programs, and policy.

Our Leadership Team and Advisory Committees represent a range of disciplines and subject areas, from research to real-world practice and policy. This team-science approach helps us better understand how behavioral, familial, social, and neurobiological factors in adolescence influence each other, and to use this understanding to more effectively address the challenges affecting young people.

Our activities fall into two categories:

  1. On the science side, we synthesize the latest research, and use this enhanced understanding to find new areas for study and to improve the precision, timing, and targets of programs and policies for adolescents.
  2. On the communications side, we make sure the developmental science of adolescence is available and accessible to those who develop programs and policies that affect adolescents, those who work directly with adolescents, families of adolescents, and adolescents themselves.

We champion adolescence as an important developmental window of great vulnerabilities and opportunities, with lifelong impacts on health, education, well-being, and social as well as economic success. Our long-term goal is to identify policies and leverage points that will improve the developmental trajectories of young people.